We are a new church in Evergreen Park, Illinois.
We are seeking to be learners and followers of Jesus Christ.

Our services are informal and participative.
You are welcome to ask questions and make comments …
not simply sit back and be preached at.
You can be yourself, wear what you want,
and bring your doubts as well as your faith.

We are a community of neighbors and friends …
not just a church that holds services.
We’d love to meet you!

Sunday Morning Overview

Sunday morning at JWCC

Here are the basics you need to know about Sunday mornings at Jacob’s Well:

Service Time: 10:00am

Service Length: 70 to 90 minutes

Church Location: click here for location info

Children’s Programs: We have infant and toddler care, as well as a children’s education program that goes on during the second half of the worship experience. Continue Reading →

Article: Church for the Spiritual but not Religious

A few years ago, I quit church. I left my role as a pastor, and started a new career leading workshops and counseling people. I continued my journey of faith, but found that a lot of things were shifting. During that time, I encountered many people with similar experiences in their spiritual lives. They were disillusioned by, and sometimes turning away from, the church.

In my earlier years as a pastor, when I’d encounter people like this, it would frustrate and disappoint me. I would view the exodus from their church as an exodus from their faith. No longer.

People who are unhappy with their churches get that way for many different reasons, and there is no single reason why people are leaving church. Maybe they no longer believe
the Christian faith (or at least, the Christian faith as they have been taught). Maybe they no longer believe in God (or at least, the concept of God that they have been taught).

Or maybe they do.
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A 40-day Experiment for Spiritual Transformation

40Days Logo

Experience God’s Work in Your Life

God is more willing to bless us than we can imagine. The Bible teaches that God is more willing to give than we are to receive. If that’s the case, why don’t we feel more “blessed”?

What gets in the way … are habits that block God’s work in our lives.

This Fall at Jacob’s Well Church, we’ll be conducting a 40 Day Experiment … What would happen if we focused on changing how we live, and open ourselves up to experiencing God’s work in new ways?

We will provide teaching on Sundays and activities to do throughout the week … all designed to help you experience — not just learn about — the spiritual life.

Starts in September

Download the daily guide we’ll be using during this series: 40 Days of Blessing – Daily Guide Page (pdf)

Click here to listen to – or download – Intro Message (mp3 file) “40 Days of Blessing – an Overview”  [download sermon notes page] (pdf file)

Click here to listen to – or download – Message about Habit 1  (mp3 file) “40 Days of Blessing – Habit One”  [download sermon notes page] (pdf file)

Click Here to listen to – or download – Message about Habit 2 (mp3 file) “40 Days of Blessing – Habit Two”  [download sermon notes page] (pdf file)

Click here to listen to – or download – Message about Habit 3 (mp 3 file) “40 Days of Blessing – Habit Three”  [download sermon notes page] (pdf file)

Click here to listen to – or download – Message about Habit 4 (mp 3 file) “40 Days of Blessing – Habit Four”  [download sermon notes page] (pdf file)

A Recent Message Series

Changing the World — without wrecking your life

How can we can change the world? And how can we do this and still maintain our own sanity? This past Spring, we went through an extended series, with teaching about how to do this. Here are links to the messages that were recorded as part of that message series:

Click directly on the link to listen online (it may take a some time to load) or right click and save it as an mp3 file to your computer.

* Note: although the Scripture passage is not listed here in the titles, each message is based on the teaching of a passage in the Bible.

Renting our facility

The Jacob’s Well campus is open to the neighborhood and public for use…

…family gatherings
…birthday parties

We have a variety of rooms, and can accommodate groups ranging from five or ten to 200. If you’d like to learn more about using our facility, please contact our facility coordinator Diane — you can send text messages or call: 708-650-0393Do not contact the church office via this web site, or the church office phone number. Thank you.

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Internal Thoughts

Did Jesus Really Just Command Us To Be Perfect?

We all know that in Matthew 5:43 Jesus commands us to love our enemies. This is a favorite passage of many of us in Christendom, especially those of us who tend to focus on issues of social justice, pacifism, and anti-war rhetoric. However, very rarely do you hear a rousing sermon on Matthew 5:48, where Jesus says “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (NIV).” With good reason. This passage is very hard to understand because the command that is being conveyed seems so, well, graceless. Jesus is aware, maybe more than anyone ever, that humans are, from the start, imperfect and God alone is perfect. So why would he command such an unattainable command?

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Would you like to support the work of Jacob’s Well Church? You can make donations online, using our secure online form. It’s simple, fast, and will make an incredible difference in the lives of people in our community. Thanks!

The Bridge Recovery Community

Our new Recovery Ministry is called “The Bridge Recovery Community.” It meets on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:00pm. The Bridge is for people who struggle with addiction in its various forms, as well as friends and family of addicts, and people struggling to overcome past hurts. It features teaching about addiction, 12 Step recovery, the spiritual questions and challenges of recovery, codependence, and more.

We start the night with a large group meeting at 7:00pm, and then break into smaller groups for discussion. We are done by 8:30pm. Email us at jwccoffice@gmail.com for more information.