We are a new church in Evergreen Park, Illinois.
We are seeking to be learners and followers of Jesus Christ.

Our services are informal and participative.
You are welcome to ask questions and make comments …
not simply sit back and be preached at.
You can be yourself, wear what you want,
and bring your doubts as well as your faith.

We are a community of neighbors and friends …
not just a church that holds services.
We’d love to meet you!

Sunday Morning Overview

Sunday morning at JWCC

Here are the basics you need to know about Sunday mornings at Jacob’s Well:

Service Time: 10:00am

Service Length: 70 to 90 minutes

Church Location: click here for location info

Children’s Programs: We have infant and toddler care, as well as a children’s education program that goes on during the second half of the worship experience. Continue Reading →

Current Message Series: Changing the World (without wrecking your life)

How can we can change the world? And how can we do this and still maintain our own sanity?

*Note that there will be some sermons during the Spring that are not part of this current message series. You can find these at our sermon page here.

Renting our facility

The Jacob’s Well campus is open to the neighborhood and public for use…

…family gatherings
…art showings
…birthday parties

We have a variety of rooms, and can accomodate groups ranging from five or ten to 300. If you’d like to learn more about Continue Reading →

Spiritual Growth articles by Pastor Mark


Our pastor Mark Brouwer writes articles about spiritual leadership and recovery for the websites lastingleaders.com and sexualsanity.com. Here are some articles that he’s written that you might find helpful:

Overcoming Overwhelm in Ministry

The way we approach crime, punishment, and imprisonment is terrible

Help for parents of teens who are experimenting with drugs or alcohol

The power of intention in recovery

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Internal Thoughts

Did Jesus Really Just Command Us To Be Perfect?

We all know that in Matthew 5:43 Jesus commands us to love our enemies. This is a favorite passage of many of us in Christendom, especially those of us who tend to focus on issues of social justice, pacifism, and anti-war rhetoric. However, very rarely do you hear a rousing sermon on Matthew 5:48, where Jesus says “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (NIV).” With good reason. This passage is very hard to understand because the command that is being conveyed seems so, well, graceless. Jesus is aware, maybe more than anyone ever, that humans are, from the start, imperfect and God alone is perfect. So why would he command such an unattainable command?

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Internal Thoughts


The 2D Eulogy

Sometimes remembering someone who has passed is like looking at an autostereogram.

You might ask, “What’s an autostereogram?”  You may know it by its more popular title: Magic Eye.

Autostereograms, or Magic Eyes, are pieces of art composed of thousands of different colored dots and lines.  Depending on how you focus your eyes, you will either see a 2D image or a 3D one.  I’m not sure about the whole science of it all, but it seems to meet that if you are willing to look past the image – and focus on something behind it –  you are more able to see the 3D image.

(For more information regarding autostereograms, please check out your local Hyperlink.)

Recently, I have read several blog and social media posts about great men of our time who have passed on.  One was an article about C.S. Lewis, posted by John Blake.  Blake’s post, titled The C.S. Lewis You Never Knew, presents a rather disjointed view of Lewis. It takes bits and pieces from excellent biographies of Lewis’ life and endeavors to summarize all of them in approximately 1800 words.  He attempts to humanize Lewis as he paints the good and the bad about a man who is almost larger than life.  While ending on a heartfelt note, the article still feels incomplete.

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Would you like to support the work of Jacob’s Well Church? You can make donations online, using our secure online form. It’s simple, fast, and will make an incredible difference in the lives of people in our community. Thanks!

The Bridge Recovery Community

Our new Recovery Ministry is called “The Bridge Recovery Community.” It meets on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:00pm. The Bridge is for people who struggle with addiction in its various forms, as well as friends and family of addicts, and people struggling to overcome past hurts. It features teaching about addiction, 12 Step recovery, the spiritual questions and challenges of recovery, codependence, and more.

We start the night with a large group meeting at 7:00pm, and then break into smaller groups for discussion. We are done by 8:30pm. Email us at jwccoffice@gmail.com for more information.

Our nursery

We’ve recently completed the renovation of one of the rooms in our church building, and have opened it up as our new nursery! Thanks to the volunteers who helped create this space. We hope that Jacob’s Well can be a place where children – as well as adults – can experience God’s love.

Sonshine Express Pre-School Program

Sonshine Express is a preschool program that meets at Jacob’s Well. We still have room for more children in our Fall program!

Sonshine Express is a faith-based preschool. Our program is  designed to help your child grow intellectually, physically,  emotionally, socially, and creatively. Our classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00am to 11:30am.

Our Goals Include: