Missions Giving Jacob’s Well Church

November 2015


Throughout the history of Jacob’s Well Church, we’ve been committed to being part of God’s Mission in the world. We’ve always been aware that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and in fact our mission statement is that we “partner with God and our community to love, serve, and support our neighbor.”

While we have been focusing on being part of God’s mission here in our part of the city, we have not done a whole lot (at least corporately as a church) to support and participate in God’s mission in other parts of the country, and the world. As we have made the transition to being an independent, self-governing church, we feel this is an important time to start giving back to other groups and supporting other causes. As you might be aware, for much of our history, we have been on the receiving end of significant financial support from other churches in our denomination. As we are able, we want to keep passing on the blessings, so that others might benefit as well.


How will we do “missions giving” at Jacob’s Well?

We want to keep this simple and “do-able” for our church. We have decided not to set up a separate “missions fund,” or undertake to adopt specific missionaries (at least not yet). We have also decided not to set up a separate budget line item for “missions support.” Instead, we will devote the offering on four specific Sundays each year (this represents 8% of the offerings taken each year). Every FIFTH Sunday, our offering will be to support mission work outside of Jacob’s Well. These Sundays happen once a quarter, and also happen to be the Sundays that we are worshipping with Loop Church … so it will be easy to remember.

On those fifth Sundays, all the proceeds from that day’s offering will go to support mission causes outside of Jacob’s Well. If you give electronically (using our website), or usually just give one offering on a certain Sunday each month, please note that this money will go to the general fund … unless you tell us otherwise. So if you want to give to our missions fund by making a donation on our website, we would ask that you make the donation as usual on the website, but then send an email to the church office, referencing that donation, and ask that it be devoted (or maybe a portion of it be devoted) to missions giving.


What mission causes will we be supporting?

We will take the money that we receive in our offerings and give them to our denominational ministry causes. These include overseas missionaries, home mission churches (like Jacob’s Well was in the past), relief and development work in the US and in other countries, and specific ministries to all churches like disability support work, ministry crisis care, etc. We plan to highlight these mission groups in Sundays in the future. Our hope is that during the months where we’ll have a special “fifth Sunday” missions offering, we will take some time during the Sunday prior to that (which would be a brunch Sunday) to talk about mission causes that we are supporting.