Join us Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Our services usually last until 11:15 p.m. and typically follow this routine:

  • Singing
  • Small Group Discussion 
  • Break Time 
  • Sermon 
  • Congregational Discussion

We kick off our Sundays with a few songs together, then discuss some questions at our tables to get us thinking about the sermon topic. These "Table Talk Times," as they're known, help to foster our connection to one another as a community. We then break for coffee and snacks (need a refill during the sermon? That's fine, too. Have at it!).

The pastor gives a sermon related to the questions we talked about at our tables. Afterwards, we engage in a congregation-wide discussion of the sermon. Whoever feels led can make a reflection, add their thoughts, or ask questions. Sometimes, Pastor Aaron or Pastor Lauren answer these questions themselves, but other times, a member of the congregation might want to reply. It's a very casual discussion that is open to new ideas, affirmations, and conflicting opinions.

We then wrap up the message with a closing prayer and stay as long as we'd like to talk with the pastors, friends and other church members.